Do you desire to connect with your own unique dance?

Are you often inspired by the majesty of nature? The wind, the birds, the trees, the rivers and the creeks are always moving and are not inhibited by fear, doubt or shame in doing so. How we can generate the same sense of freedom and flow in our bodies by using nature as our teacher?

This 2-hour workshop was created for those who desire to explore their own unique dance while also connecting with nature through guided visualization. Through symbolism of how nature functions, we mimic that energy flow and learn how to embody nature.
This class will awaken a sense of empowerment through trusting our movements, confidence through letting go of limiting beliefs and fears and a feeling a sense of oneness.
Not only is this workshop intended to benefit each individual but also to build community. In that way, this workshop includes a brief sharing circle that allows the you to reflect on the experience, integrate and apply their new learnings to their daily life. Often times, hearing someone else’s experience can awaken a deep insight that is relevant to you.
  • Gain a greater body awareness
  • Build confidence in a safe environment
  • Feel a sense of freedom and joy through letting go of inhibitions
  • Learn to create a personal practice of finding your natural flow
  • Connect deeper with community
“The earth has music for those who listen” – George Santayana
About the Facilitator:
Shayna Gladstone is a Fallbrook local, dancer, singer, transformational facilitator, sustainable farmer and co-founder of Earth Journeys and NuMundo, both organizations promoting personal and planetary transformation. Shayna is a trained of Joanna Macy’s “Work that Reconnects”, has a Permaculture Design Certification and has had 11 years of dance training, 5-years of acro-yoga practice, 8 years of yoga practice and 3 years of cultivating her own practice.

Shayna has considered nature as her solace since she was a child and has always had a deep connection the earth. Shayna incorporates dance with deep nature connection and sharing circles to inspire embodiment through nature’s wisdom and to tune into the earths subtle energies.

Suggested donation is $20.