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“Take on the journey of self-healing. Transform struggles and pain in personal strength and inner-wisdom”

Yoga For Emotional Liberation is a blend of many forms of yoga: Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Laughter, Yoga Dance, and Restorative. The practice is a unique practice that combines yoga posture, movement, breath and sound. It allows to move the stress and pain through the body and liberate emotions. Emotional struggles, such as sadness, anxiety, anger are used as fuel toward empowerment. Emotional struggles can come from the loss of someone, a relationship, or a job. We are longing for our soul connection. If we are stuck with our emotions we suffer. Yoga For Emotional Liberation allow to assess our emotions, express them, reconnect with ourselves and/or others, and surrender the pain to find love.

During the workshop we will move through different stages:

1. Awareness: where do we hold tensions and what they mean
2. Expression: break through emotions such as anger, sadness, anxiety, and regrets
3. Connection: renew our relationship with ourselves & others
4. Surrender: let go of pain not love

No Yoga experience needed for the webinar

Watch a sample of practice HERE

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Sophie is certified as Grief Yoga™ Teacher

Cost: $25


Sage Yoga Studios
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