$25 or $69 with Wheel

Space is Limited. Pre-Registration Required.

The Yoga Wheel in invaluable in gaining flexibility in your spine, hips, and shoulders. It is incredible for core work and strengthening major muscle groups. It also yields the benefits of physical therapy and a massage all in one!

Janel and Christina will keep things playful and fun as they guide you through this 2-hour workshop. You will learn how to safely and effectively incorporate the Yoga Wheel into your personal practice. They will show you techniques to stretch and open the back, shoulders, hips and so much more. This workshop is for you whether you are looking for a super-effective, new stretching routine or are looking to deepen your yoga practice and explore new depths.

Wheels will be provided for use during the workshop and there will be a limited number of Plexus Yoga Wheels available for purchase. Be sure to register early to guarantee your spot!