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At Sage Yoga Studios, we offer more than just yoga. We are a community for personal growth, friendship, renewal, and healing. Our yoga students keep coming back because they have identified our teachers and fellow students as their yoga family and feel safe and welcomed. They continue to stay loyal because they feel like they are growing, their practice is developing, and they are making progress on an upward trend (this has to do with quality of instruction). We invite you to come to our studio, unroll your mat and join our Yoga Community.

We’re in the business of community, caring, belonging, inclusion, empowerment, motivation, support, friendship, peace, transformation, & connection.

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With over 90 classes between two locations, there is something for everyBODY and every experience level.

  • Such an amazing studio! Clean, relaxing and a perfect way to end the day! Instructors are professional and walk you through the whole process to help you get the most out of your class! Thank you for being a haven to escape to!
    Julie Clements
  • I just got to try the Floating Yoga class and it was fantastic just like all of their classes. We are so lucky to have this studio in Fallbrook.
    Carrie Fuller
  • An extremely special yoga studio, that pours out welcoming, nonjudgmental, unconditional love by the entire staff. Magical transformations happen there
    Laura D’Amico
  • Sage is amazing, I’ve loved every teacher and class I’ve taken!
    Merissa Shaddy