OUTDOOR YOGA At the Golf Club of California

3742 Flowerwood Lane

Improve your performance on the course 
and see and feel a difference in your game!

  • 1
    Improve overall performance by increasing stamina and strength
  • 2
    Increase flexibility to help prevent injury
  • 3
    Build core strength to help reduce lower back pain
  • 4
    Build strength in specific muscle groups
  • 5
    Improve concentration and focus
  • 6
    Keep the body and muscles in balance
  • 7
    Keep the body supple and reduce stiffness which can reduce injuries
  • 8
    Open up the shoulders, chest and hips

The class is every Monday 
9:30 - 10:30 AM at the Golf Club of CA.

$10 Drop-in payable to instructor, Katie.

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