Janel Magistro(RYT 200)

    I am a Colorado native, artist, lover of sunshine and wiener dogs. Moving to California in 2014 was a dream come true. So much sunshine! After moving, I began practicing at Sage Yoga right away and signed up for teacher training shortly after.

    I discovered yoga at a local recreation center in 2006. What started out as another form of exercise, quickly became a much deeper part of my life. The benefits of yoga allowed me to quiet my mind and connect mind to body and later to spirit. I started to see how my reactions and habits on the mat were a mirror image of my life off the mat. It helped me make life changes that I am immeasurably grateful for. One day, I said to my teacher at the time, who is now my friend and mentor. “Thank you, your class changed my entire day.” She said “Stick with it and it will change your entire life.” I had no idea how profoundly true this statement would become.

    My teaching style is flow and breath based. I love creating sequencing that is unique, challenging and fun. My goal is to create balance within my classes that allows each student to focus on their own needs and push themselves to their edge, while at the same time being able to not take the asana too serious. I want them to feel the pose from the earth up and from the inside out, without worrying about the way it looks from the outside. I’m looking to guide them to create that deeper connection to yoga and themselves. Yoga is a lifetime and life altering practice.

    I am RYT-200 through yoga alliance. I teach my two loves, vinyasa flow and Yin yoga. I have experience teaching yoga with weights (iron yoga), sculpt, heated vinyasa style classes. I am also certified to teach Plexus Yoga Wheel.

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