• What to Bring

    Bring your yoga mat, water and wear comfortable clothes which allow you to move and stretch. For hot/heated classes you will definitely need a towel big enough to cover your mat and water. Bottled water can be purchased at Sage for $1 and rental towels and mats are available for $2 each per class.

  • First Class

    Please arrive at least 15 minutes early on your first visit. We have a New Student Form for you to complete and you will get a tour of our studios. Please let your instructor know if you have any injuries, recent surgeries or any other medical issues we should be aware of. If you are unsure which class to start with, please call us: 760-451-8771 and we’ll be happy to help you decide.

  • Before Class

    We start classes right on time so please give yourself plenty of time to find parking and to check in. Late arrivals run the risk of getting locked out. Check in at the reception area and notify your instructor if you have any current or past injury. There are cubbies at the entrance, where you can leave keys, phones, purses and shoes (the front door will always be locked during class unless a staff member is at the front desk). Please turn-off your cell-phone or leave it in your car. Cell phones are not allowed in the yoga rooms.  Remove your shoes upon entering the yoga room and please set up your mat quietly. The yoga rooms are quiet zones. Please be mindful of other students trying to relax or meditate before class. We embrace the spirit of friendliness and encourage you to make yoga friends, but also ask that you visit with friends in the lobby instead of the yoga rooms. If needed, please use the restroom before the class begins.

  • During Class

    Centering at the beginning of practice is important to get focused. Preparing for practice in a mindful way aids you in a deeper and more satisfying practice and gets you in-tune with what your needs are on a particular day. There are times when two classes are scheduled concurrently. If so, please refrain from walking through the other class during their practice. The instructors will do their best to end the two classes on time to accommodate you.

    During your session your yoga instructor will assist you in alignment with verbal instructions, and may also assist you with physical adjustments. Most instructors ask permission before touching you. Please let your instructor know if you are not comfortable with a physical assist and your personal space will be respected. If you feel any pain during a pose, please let the instructor know and they will provide you with a modification more suited to your body.

    ​Please come to class with clean feet and refrain from wearing heavy perfumes or lotions, noisy jewelry or anything else that may create an uncomfortable practice for other students. Likewise, please let us know if you are allergic to, or uncomfortable with any scents as we may use aroma therapy oils during or at the end of the class.

    Some classes will use props (blocks, straps, blankets or bolsters) to assist you in experiencing a safer and healthier yoga practice. We welcome your use of our props and simply ask that you replace them neatly on the shelves after class. If you prefer, we offer props for sale or you may bring your own personal props to class.

    Each class ends with Savasana and we definitely encourage you to stay until class is dismissed. If you need to leave early, please tell the instructor before class and be as quiet as possible when leaving.

  • After Class

    Your practice should leave you feeling revitalized and mentally calm. If you have not exercised in a while you may experience some muscle soreness for a day or two after class. If you experience any discomfort for more than two days, it may be an indication that you pushed yourself too hard. Talk with your instructor to see if you need to modify your poses or if you need a different class level.

    Feel free to contact us and leave any suggestions or comments about your experience.  We are always striving to improve our classes and our studio for our students.

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