Yoga therapy is the application of yogic principles to an individual with the objective of achieving a spiritual, psychological, or physical goal. With respect for an individual’s age, culture, religion, and mental and physical health, yoga therapists help individuals reframe their perspective of the challenges they are facing. Those challenges range from an effort to maintain and increase physical strength and prevent injury, to specific therapies for common ailments, including but not limited to: structural problems such as back, neck and shoulder pain, scoliosis, and sciatica, to chronic disease such as cardiovascular and nervous system disorders, and, emotional and mental issues such as depression, anger, and anxiety. Yoga therapy is often a complimentary therapy depending on the treatment and care they are undergoing and the severity of the issue. The common thread in the objective of yoga therapy is empowering the individual to gain control over the issues disturbing their quality of life.

Sage Yoga Studios | Fallbrook, CA.

Our certified Yoga Therapist, Linda Hope.

Sage Yoga Studios Yoga for Every Body
115 N. Main Ave., Fallbrook, CA 920281
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